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  Well, the time has come to say goodbye. The journey was great and we’d certainly do it again if we could. We’ve been making small custom function integrated circuits for 26 years now, 24 of which were online.

sticky note   When we started, the banks and the small business advisors thought that we were crazy, as the internet was only a fad. Years later, most people can not live without the internet. We all rely on it for information, and many also for their livelihoods. When the Covid epidemic started, I personally thought it was great to be able to buy almost everything I needed with a few clicks. Very quick delivery, very convenient and no need for personal contact.

  Maybe that’s a little of what we wish to change now that we’ve lived with Covid for so long. People need personal contact. I certainly do. Having to live with, and make adjustments for Covid has reminded us of a great many things. Foremost is that life is very precious and our time here is very limited. For this reason, we have wound down our business, and no longer sell our integrated circuits. We will keep the web site up and running for a while with all of the Application Notes, Data Sheets, and Help pages available for you. We regret that we can no longer answer your questions, including technical support questions.

  It is with difficulty that we announce this closing. Many of you have become close friends that we have enjoyed working with, and we will miss that interaction.

  We wish you well in your endeavours, and more importantly, peace and good health.

  Thank you for being there for us,

Your Friends at Elm